The inception of Clad in Darkness began in the winter of 1999 for guitarists John Benter and Coy Scottberg. Meeting in high school, the two shared a common passion for music in general, and metal especially. The idea was always to create epic, far reaching soundscapes that transgressed the conventions of metal. Soon after, the band would be complete with the addition of ex-Sapphist drummer Brian Rendina, with fellow members Casey Hogan handling the vocals and Chris Shive playing bass.

Clad in Darkness is first and foremost a metal band, however, the conventions that tie one down to a specific mould of doom, black, post, death, or any other type of metal are not of interest to our members. Nor is metal something we strictly adhere to; our listening habits are eclectic and an influence on us: from post-rock to jazz, electronic to the blues, ethnic music, classical of all periods, and anything in between. We are fans of the avant-garde, experimental, and intelligent music and we draw inspiration from several artistic mediums and emotions. It is easier to define what we are not than what we are; we are not subjects of the close-minded confines of the average music world. It is our desire to create music that inspires us and our listeners; to create open ended music without self-inflicted limitation. Our quest is boundless.

Brian Rendina – Drums

Casey Hogan – Voice

Chris Shive – Bass

Coy Scottberg – Guitar

John Benter – Guitar