Kickstarter Backers

We were going to include this in the last news update, but you guys deserve to be set apart. You deserve your own post. It’s the very least we can do for our wonderful, wonderful Kickstarter backers. You guys put your hard-earned money on the line to help us make this dream a reality and we will be eternally grateful to you. We appreciate your endless patience during this project and we can’t wait to finally give you the rewards you so deserve. Without further adieu… many, many thanks to:

Garry, Jeff Sanders, Ruth Trepak, Andrew Ineson, Darlynn Hendricks, Petras Vaznelis, Jon Rosenthal, Kevin Shannon, Elaina Phillippe, Chris Hastings, Jenny K., Adam Watts, John K., Trevor Walsh, Alyssa L. Paulsen, John Becker, Bryan Yost, Death Metal Joe, Nina Difino, Marisela Tirado, Andy Polacek, Katherine Ludwig, Carter Page, Ramon Villanueva, Keith Hall, Matt Drnaso, Andrew Groner, Peter Scannell, Aaron Boehm, Christopher Wilc, Andrew Sullivan, Luke Ostaf, Arthur O., Amy, Adam Torruella, Charlotte Scannell, Scott Deberg, Michelle Baker, Nathan Wilcox, Luke-Oliver Stepney and Stephen Trepak.

Soon, friends, this endeavor will come to a close. Thanks again.




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